Company Profile

 TekhStroyMontazh Limited Liability Company provides a wide range of services featuring general contract, comprehensive design, material and logistical assistance for both Russian and foreign companies.

We specialize in comprehensive design of construction enterprises, industrial and transport facilities, commercial and living facilities, complex units, etc., and in this case our company acts as a general design engineer for these units. Our company offers the full array of constructional, architectural and process design and engineering services.

Over a period of several years our company has been successfully engaged in building and restoration of industrial facilities and other constructions as a general contractor.

Another area of our business is the supply of the wide variety of equipment for washing the rolling stock. We have succeeded in establishing partner relationships with the global leaders in designing, production and maintenance of automatic gantry and tunnel washing facilities for any types of ground transport vehicles. 

Our companys principles regarding relationships with partners are: building mutually beneficial commercial partnership, expanding the cooperation ties, and strict observance of discipline and contractual terms.

We are in partner cooperation with different Russian and Ukrainian railway enterprises, to which we deliver various producer goods (raw materials, metal, nonmetallic materials (sand, crushed stone, cement, and the like), building materials), and construction services as a general contractor.

Our company has recently developed a number of innovative projects of washing equipment for engine houses of Russian Railways Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC). In particular, automatic washing machines developed by our engineers for railroad trucks and tank cars of all types are already installed and efficiently running in engine houses at Kurgan railway station of South Ural Railways and at Kinel railway station of Kuibyshev Railways.

Social policy is one of our priority fields of concern. Employees, their experience, intelligence, and diligence are the main assets of TekhStroyMontazh. We have a dedicated team of experienced specialists managing to find efficient solutions even in unusual situations. Our management has created a corporate culture with consistent incentive program for the personnel, which is targeted at the stimulation of creativity and initiative, creation of comfortable working environment and providing the opportunities of professional career progress. Such corporate culture allows us to increase our significance in the market, contributes to growth and development of the company, and keeps our partners and clients interested in cooperation with us.

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