General Contract

For several years TekhStroyMontazh Company has been successfully engaged in building and restoration of industrial facilities and other constructions as a general contractor.

General contractor functions of our company involve comprehensive management and control over the whole construction process, administration and coordination of all the building works. We can guarantee flawless quality of the works performed and strict compliance with the contractual terms.  

Our rich experience as a general contractor for industrial and civil engineering projects development involving innovative technologies, modern materials and unique manufacturing capacity in Chelyabinsk and all over the Russian Federation allow us to bring forward an actually comprehensive approach towards building of the facilities. This approach is in many respects innovative for the Russian market of building services, and it distinguishes our company from most of the other building companies.

This comprehensive approach allows our company to carry out architectural and engineering design projects of any difficulty, and save our customers time and money for solving all the construction-connected problems and issues: ranging from obtaining all the necessary permits and concept development, and finishing with putting the turn-key project into operation, including the arrangement of all the utility lines in the surrounding grounds.

High quality of the works performed and the use of innovative technologies have allowed us to be acknowledged as a reliable general contractor who renders the services at a high professional level and meets all the deadlines. 

Our general contractor services include the following:

- obtaining of the necessary approvals and permits for building;
- coordination and obtaining of the technical specifications for the facility connection to utility lines;
- obtaining of project documentation approval from all the governmental agencies and authorities;
- development, confirmation of work schedules and control over their fulfillment;
- monitoring of the state of buildings and constructions within the building influence area;
- engineering supervision over the fulfillment of building and construction works;
- holding of tender actions, concluding of supply and service agreements with subcontractors;
- providing the supply of all the necessary materials for building;
- providing the fulfillment of assembly and commissioning works;
- quality inspection of employed materials, constructions and equipment;
- monitoring of compliance with the special requirements of supervisory governmental bodies;
- monitoring and engineering supervision over the whole building process, monitoring of correspondence of the amount, cost and quality of works performed to the projects, cost estimates and contractual prices, and verifying of the works compliance with the construction norms and regulations concerning these works fulfillment and acceptance;
- inspection and acceptance of hidden and finished works, important constructions.

Besides, our company performs the facility handover for commissioning by State commission and preparation of documents for transfer of the facility ownership to the customer.

TekhStroyMontazh Company is pleased to offer its unique experience, expertise and high qualification to customers and it is willing to undertake all the building management or restoration of exiting buildings.

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