Completed Projects / Projects in Progress

Comprehensive Design

TekhStroyMontazh specializes in comprehensive design of construction enterprises, industrial and transport facilities, commercial and living facilities, and also in this case our company acts as a general design engineer for these units.

We provide a whole range of design services:

Industrial design:

     - Designing of industrial buildings and constructions;
     - Designing of warehouses and logistics centers;
     - Designing of production process;
     - Designing of factories;
     - Designing of shop floors.

Commercial and living facilities design:

      - Designing of residential buildings;
      - Designing of commercial facilities;
      - Designing of shopping centers.

Design of complex units:

      - Designing of combined heat and power plants, thermal power plants, condensing power plans, electric power lines and substations;
      - Designing of washing facilities for rolling stock;
      - Designing of washing and steaming stations for railways.

Individual design

Our Solutions & Supplies:

  • General layout and transportation;
  • Architectural and civil engineering solutions;
  • Process engineering solutions for industrial, public, agricultural, transport facilities, constructions and their groups;
  • Technological equipment, networks and systems:
      - electrical power supply and lighting;
      - instrumentation and automated control systems;
      - water supply and discharge systems;
      - sewage pipes;
      - thermal power;
      - gas supply;
      - boilers;
      - heating systems;
      - ventilation and air conditioning;
      - communications and  alarming systems;
      - fire extinguishing systems.

  • Preparation of special design documentation sections (on environmental protection, civil defense engineering and technical measures for prevention of emergencies, measures for ensuring fire prevention and industrial safety, building management);
  • Estimating the technical state of buildings and constructions;
  • Preparation of cost estimating documents;
  • Preparation of urban planning documentation.

Our Services:

      - general design engineering;
      - architectural design;
      - construction design of buildings;
      - collecting and preparing the design baseline data;
      - expert examination of the design and technical documentation;
      - supporting project design for building, designer field supervision;
      - advisory, engineering, informational, and other services.

The design department of TekhStroyMontazh consists of highly-qualified design specialists, possesses all the necessary modern equipment, software and data support. We can guarantee high engineering and economical level of our design projects and return of customer investments.

Facilities designed by our specialists are built at high professional architectural standards with innovative design solutions.

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