Equipment for Railways

For several years TekhStroyMontazh has been engaged in providing different kinds of equipment and services for railway enterprises. We have succeeded in establishing long-term and mutually beneficial partner relationships with the famous producers from different branches of industry.   

For many years we have been cooperating with the largest state enterprises from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan Republic.

Our companys principles regarding relationships with partners are building mutually beneficial commercial partnership and strict observance of discipline and contractual terms.

We get a positive feedback about our work due to the high quality of rendered services and supplied equipment.

On your request we are ready to provide the price quotation for the required products and discuss the delivery conditions under mutually agreed terms.

- Equipment Supply

Machines, lathes and equipment:

  • Special metal-working machines;
  • Special milling machines;
  • Super universal machines;
  • Universal milling machines;
  • Rail-milling machines;
  • Wheel-milling machines for handling the assembled railway locomotive wheels;
  • Roller burnishing lathes for handling the railroad transport axes;
  • Automatic lines for handling the shafts of railroad cars.

Railway equipment:

  • Machines for building, restoration and maintenance of rail tracks;
  • Multi-purpose track machines.

Crane equipment:

  • Railway cranes of different types, weigh-lifting capacity and configuration;
  • Bridge traveling cranes;
  • Frame cranes.

Capital repair for:

  • any type of railway equipment;
  • any type of machines;
  • crane equipment;
  • engines.

 Fan-shaped turntables for engine houses of different configuration.

- Products and Spare Parts Supply

  • Supply of any types of hard alloys;
  • Components and spare parts for rolling stock;
  • Track materials, railway fasteners, rail joint insulation, insulating materials for turnouts;
  • Measurement equipment for railway transport;
  • Brake blocks, brake block keys;
  • Hydraulic equipment (hydraulic, rack, and screw jacks) and appliances.

- Different Kinds of Fuel and Lubricant Materials

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