Washing Facilities for Rolling Stock

TekhStroyMontazh has a rich experience in designing and implementation of modern automatic washing facilities for any types of railway transport rolling stock. We have experience in controlling all the stages of these facilities implementation: design, survey, building, assembly, start-up and further maintenance.

The washing facilities installed by our company are already efficiently running at South Ural and Kuibyshev Railways. The implementation of these facilities has brought the following positive results:

  1. Five-tenfold improvement of the washing process productivity;
  2. Two-threefold cost reduction of washing process;
  3. Significant increase of the quality of rolling stock washing by implementing innovative high-pressure equipment and applying modern chemical agents;
  4. Minimizing the environmental damage and negative impact on servicing personnel. We use modern closed-loop water circulation system and high-performance filters.

Description and key features of equipment supplied:

Washing and steaming stations

These stations are intended for washing the internal surfaces of tank cars for light and heavy petroleum products. The washing process is a closed-loop technological cycle with water reuse.  

Internal surfaces of tank cars are washed with the help of wash heads and bottom unloading devices. Steam, hot water (under pressure of 550 bar), and air are being fed to wash heads via steam pipeline. Also these heads serve for draining out the gases from a tank car. And the bottom unloading device serves for the discharge of washed off petroleum residues and waste waters after washing and steaming. The admission capacity of washing facilities depends on the quantity of treatment points and can reach up to 100 tank cars for 24 hours. 

Waste waters after internal and external surfaces wash are directed into common water recycling system. This system comprises equipment for pumping out and decontamination of sewage waters, and also for water treatment and feeding into internal washing system. Water recycling system allows for multiple water use in technical processes and recuperation of petroleum residues.  

The washing process is fully automated.

To remove hard bitumen and mazut, we offer using the unique no-steaming super-high frequency technology.

Automatic tunnel (pass) washing facilities for electrical trains, passenger trains, rail buses

These facilities provide 24-hour and year-around external washing and full treatment of railroad cars while movement: applying three different groups of detergents, brushing and washing by high-pressure gyrating water jets with temperature of 500 C, and drying. 

At the moment we have a number of unique projects of washing facilities for suburban electrical trains, allowing them to pass through the washing facility unattended and without lowering the pantograph.

These washing facilities are specially designed for treatment of both passenger cars moved by a maneuvering locomotive and ER-series suburban electrical trains, it allows washing the front and back ends of the train by special vertical flag brushes. 

Also the washing facilities provide special blowing (drying) of the railroad car bottom parts in the areas of driving motors. 

Automatic gantry washing facilities for all types of locomotives

These washing facilities provide 24-hour treatment of both diesel and electric locomotives by alkaline or acid solutions, brushing, and washing by heavy-duty high-pressure gyrating water jets spraying the water under pressure of up to 90 bar. The final stage is drying by airflow with power of 30 kW. 

This kind of equipment can be used both as a part of open facility for summer operation and inside the roofed facility for year-around operation in any climate zone of Russia. When the washing equipment is used in the roofed facility, it is also equipped with heating, automatic fire extinguishing, heavy-duty ventilation systems, and the drying section.  

Also these washing facilities can be used for treatment of electrical trains and rail buses.

In 2008 TekhStroyMontazh has put into operation the automatic summer-time washing facility for treatment of locomotives in the engine house of Chelyabinsk-Central railway station of South Ural Railways, which is still efficiently running.  

Automatic washing facilities for high-pressure treatment of outer and inner parts of hoppers

These washing facilities represent a robotic station with universal wash head based on the programmable "arm manipulator” with wash heads and spray nozzles working under high pressure. This facility is also equipped with drying section.

These facilities allow applying protective corrosion-proof coating on the inner and outer surfaces of railroad cars. The washing facilities can be also used for treatment and disinfection of all types of railroad cars, open and flat wagons. One of the outstanding features of these facilities is the most-recent special water treatment system including salt evaporation and solid waste baling station.

Automatic washing facilities for treatment of all types of railroad trucks with attended operation

These facilities have the following outstanding features:

- treatment of assembled railroad trucks;

- combination of heavy-duty system of gyrating water jets and high-performance chemical agents.

- Spray nozzles are especially designed to wash all the hardly accessible areas of the railroad truck. The facilities are equipped with self-moving chariot for washing the bottom part of the railroad truck.

In 2009 our company has put into operation such washing facilities in engine houses of South Ural and Kuibyshev Railways, which is still efficiently running.

Automatic gantry washing facilities for treatment of open wagons. The facilities are equipped with 60 spray nozzles working under pressure of 80-100 Bar.

Gantry washing facilities for railway containers

The quality of all the developed washing facilities for rolling stock specified above complies with the requirements of the corresponding National State Standards.  

All the mentioned washing facilities can include water treatment facilities with water recycling system and towing systems or locotractors for railroad cars delivery/removal.

Our company possesses all the required permits of self-regulatory organizations for performance of design, building and assembly works, and also is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System requirements. Supplied equipment and consumables have the corresponding quality certificates, comply with the global ecological standards and correspond to the requirements of Russian Railways OJSC.

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